Facebook announced that it is going to buy the instagram, which is mobile app used to share the photos. Now we will focus on the reasons for the buying of instagram by the facebook.

  1. It is a cloud. There is drop in the billion, heading to IPO and it is found to be unusual, but there is ton of cash in the hand of the facebook and it is known to everyone that Facebook as a big and public traded tech company. There is no need for the facebook to go to public to get the cash to do the main acquisition.
  2. No competitor. As there is no competitor for the facebook, no time is need to snap them first. They tried to purchase the instagram before it is purchased by any other bidder, for example Google was trying to make the deal.
  3. Facebooks mobile app sucks, but the instagram doesn’t. If the facebook works on the phone, this deal will become cheap within two years.
  4. Facebook has midlife crisis. Buying the instagram is similar to the sports car. It seems that the facebook is not going to be cool anymore. The users got wrinkles. About 30 million hipsters are bought by this.
  5. Most of the people are using facebook account and they want to look at other photos. Facebook likes to keep it up. You can add all types of the cool filters to the facebook photos and this mainly attracted the 30 million of people to the instagram. Sharing experience of the photo make the people attracted towards the facebook. Therefore it is found to be worthful in bringing together these two companies and this is said by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
  6. More Data. The instagram is having the better idea about the doing best for their users and what the users are like to do. If you are interested in the food, you can take the photos of food in the restaurant and if you are skiier, pictures of the snow and the skiing can be taken. Facebook database need this types of information to optimize the media. The new way can be provided by the instagram to reach your target.
  7. Wants to buy soul. Facebook is considered to be the money making behemoth and it is very huge, so that the investors are attracted towards it. But it makes little bit harder to take. The Instagram users are feeling outraged to sell it. Due to the excess deposition of calcium in the bone, the bone gets brittle in the nature and it leads to pain .This type of pain can be relieved by using the ointment called Ostelife.

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