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To start our own SEO Services you need to take care of the following.

Create a website

The first thing that you need to start your own SEO business is to build a website. Ensure that the website looks professional and is custom designed. A smart way is to create a website that can get the customer to sign up to receive your email and newsletters. This will let you promote your business to the customer. Get More Bonuses on this here.

Payment processing

You need to know what you would be charging your clients for the SEO Services. Many factors are to be considered for this. Before that, you also need to decide on how you would be accepting the payments from your customers. You may want to send an invoice to your clients at the month end for the work that you have done for them over the month. If you are capable of explaining to your client about what you plan to offer to them and what they would in turn gain out of it then the risk of a default is very minimal. To get your payments on time you may want to set up a standing order to bill your clients automatically at the end of every month. You may also get payments through cheques. The other option is to set up PayPal to receive payments.

There could be other ways too to get payments. All that you need to ensure is that whatever means of payment processing that you use, you are able to send invoice to your clients, receive payments from them, and then send the receipt to your client.

How to get clients

The next step and also the most important step are to get clients. You may want to go through the business names and the phone number or the email ids of the prospective businesses. Another way is to use software that searches the Google map listings and looks for businesses in a particular niche. This can also let you search for the business in a particular area or a country. There is software used for this purpose that gives you all the details of the businesses that you are looking for.

SEO Services are in demand and the future of this business looks promising. To start your own SEO Company you need to have a clear road map .You need to have a good idea about how to start your business and how to get clients to run your business. Once you know of the basic tools that you need to start the SEO Services you can go ahead and market your service to the prospective clients and eventually make a strong business presence.



Fonti Informazione

Our lives are busy and hectic and it is tough to stay connected with things around us. The digital devices have made our lives much easier and help us in remaining connected with each other, that too from anywhere and at any time. They also help us in our daily lives in many diverse ways. We are not even aware of this invasion of privacy most of the times. Every time we use our devices our data is collected and it is not as safe as we assume it to be. Many of us do not know how this data is collected, stored and sorted and used. Some of us are not concerned but most people do not the extent to which this data can be a threat to our privacy. Many services which we think are very helpful could be using our information for developing or designing a new product which will benefit them. Some people think that it is already a lost cause. The battle of privacy has already been fought and lost. There are hardly any measures for controls in the way personal data is collected and used. It is felt that if you are not paying for a service then you are the product, which means your personal information is what they are after.

There is a thriving market for personal information and data. You can visit any page on the internet and you can see this happening. Millions of dollars are being spent on collecting this information by big brands and investors and even intelligence agencies. Alongside this, there is a black market with operators working underground and using personal data for identity theft and scams of different kinds. Facial recognition technology has also advanced so much that mass surveillance has become a reality. There is a demand to bring out stricter laws against the misuse of personal information but because of the very nature of digital space, it seems like a herculean task. The security is quite porous and if you try and block one hole, there are many new ones which become available for data transfer. We can ask the government to step in and help us, but it will be better for us if we start paying attention to our digital lives. We have to become aware of and more proactive when it comes to privacy. Privacy is our right and we should try and defend it everywhere, even in digital space.

Commons Wikimedia

Marketing has always been about connecting with your customers and prospective clients and that too in the most valuable time. In these modern times, this means you need to connect with them on the internet. This makes digital marketing so important. Digital marketing can be defined as the various digital tactics and channels used to connect with customers online. Digital marketing includes digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures etc. Digital marketers tend to have a good idea on how each digital marketing campaign will actually support their goals. Various free and paid digital channels are at their disposal to achieve their targets. There can be different types of marketers. A content marketer can create or write blogs to create interest. Social media marketer can help in promoting these blogs posts through various digital channels. There are various methods of digital marketer use to make the marketing more effective. SEO which is search engine optimization ensures that your website ranks or appears higher in the search pages. Content marketing means the creation and promotion of content. This is done to generate awareness of the brand and growth of traffic on the channel. Blogs, online brochures, and eBooks are all part of this. Social media marketing promotes your brand and content on social media channels. They can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based advertising where you receive a commission for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website. For example: posting about a brand from your social media accounts. Pay-per-click is a way of bringing in more traffic to your website by paying every time the ad is clicked. Some promoted ads on Twitter use this method. Clicking here can get you a reward. Companies use email marketing as a direct way to communicate with their audience. It is mainly used to inform about new events, discounts or to promote content. New products or upgrade information can be sent by email to specific clients. Automated marketing means that companies use software which can automatically take care of certain things like email newsletter, contact list updating, social media posts etc. Online PR works much like traditional PR, but it secures coverage in digital publications and websites. Everyone has understood the importance of digital marketing and with more and more people now spending more and more time online, it is easy to see why. Different tactics used by companies to attract customers have been used for a long time. Being online means people spend less time on one site and keep surfing. Digital marketing has to keep innovating and continuously upgrade to make sure that they achieve their goals.

Candidati Sindaco

Big data is a term which is used for the structured as well as unstructured data that business handles every day. It is called big data because the volumes are generally huge. But the volume or amount of data is not important. The volume of data is so large that the traditional methods of processing are not enough. More important is what they do with this data. This data can be analyzed for information and insights and help in making better strategies and decisions. Big Data can help companies to improve operations and make faster and more intelligent decisions. The data is collected from a variety of sources which include emails, mobile devices, applications, databases, servers, and other means. This data, when captured, can help a company to gain useful insight to increase revenues. While the term big data is not very old, the act of gathering and storing large amounts of information for analysis is quite old. There are three things which are important for big data: Volume, velocity, and variety. Organizations collect data from a variety of sources and the volume is huge. New technologies have been able to solve the storing problem to some extent. The speed at which data moves and is collected is very fast and there is a need to deal with it in real time. Data comes in all types of formats. It can be numeric, text-based, videos, audios or financial transactions. There is so much of variety in the data collected. To get more information you can try here.

Data also is variable and inconsistent. The flow of data changes with trends and events and has its peaks and lows. As the data flows from such diverse sources and comes in huge volumes, it is also very complex. It is important to connect and correlate relationships and find the links. If the data is not quickly analyzed and sorted, it can become useless. All the efforts which go in collecting the data can become futile. The main problems everyone wants to solve with data collection are cost reduction, time reduction, product development, and good decision making. After you collect data, a careful and precise analysis will help you in finding the root causes of failures. It will also help you in calculating risks. In fact, all business processes can become streamlined. Big data has developed into a very helpful tool for the business and has also provided a lot of job opportunities to a number of people. Companies and businesses have realized the power big data have and are constantly refining their analytical processes.

giovanni scarangella

Social media is the evolving trend among the people and we would not see a single person without having a social media account .This is because of the options it provides to the users. The users are allowed to post their pictures, videos, and thoughts on their timeline with privacy settings. They have the option fo selecting the privacy that only a few selected groups are permitted to view their posts. This is really amazing and this helps us to avoid facing too many critical problems like harassments and all.

We would have heard the topic recently that Instagram is going to be handed over to Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of people’s favorite companion FaceBook. Is this really true? Let us hope this to be true.

Instagram is almost similar to Facebook where the account holder can share some of their thoughts, photos, and videos. Social media brings us both advantages as well as disadvantages and it is merely in the way we take it. A few businessmen use this as an excellent platform to upgrade their businesses and add up more new clients. They also use this for advertising their business products and services since the reach of this social media is something stunning. There are many chances of getting umpteen customers and orders.

The business owners can even open up a new Facebook page for their business products and keep on posting pictures and videos about the products and services they carry out. The customers are the source of income and when we have infinite patrons, then automatically we can enhance our business company very easily within a short period of time. Thus, the traders must work on how to fascinate the customers and pull them towards their enterprises.

Communication is a prominent one for every business either it might be smaller or larger. The owners must interact in a very polite way to impress the clients and social media help us to have direct interaction with the clients. However, the business processors must be online for all the 24 hours to manage their customers in an immense way. Social media keeps on supporting their account holders by offering them many updates.

It is purely in the hands of the people to make use of it in the right way without misusing it by doing fraudulent activities.

Therefore, I personally advise you all to try to make use of the abundant features of social media in the correct way to yield its fruits.

Equity based Crowdfunding

The concept of a market came into existence in the ancient past.  People have been devising new techniques to advertise their products and make more profits. They want to sell more products and get more customers and that is their sole aim.

The times have changed over the centuries. People used to go to different parts of the world and sell products like silk, pearls and buy spices and even salt etc. Now, this era is all about door delivery of products through online portals. Community weekend markets and flea markets have started to migrate to the online portals.

The times have also seen the changes in the way the market functions in terms of ownership of companies. From the shareholders owning equity the structure is modifying to crowdfunding now. You can read this post here and understand the intricate details of its mechanism. This is completely influenced by the data available online. The information-driven technologies have taken over the entire fabric of business now.

Stock-based businesses have also changed the way they work. Now crowdfunding means the people contribute to creating a company by providing money through small shares and it is usually online. The contributors may get some advantages by investing their money. In NGOs, they get tax rebates. In others, they get some privileges but most of the time investors know that their money may not come back. The scientific approach to innovation is the backbone of all the crowdfunding. If people like an idea and want to be a part of the innovation process then they contribute freely. Then they do not bother about the returns.

The advertising based on newspapers and other media is slowly phasing out. It is moving to new platforms online. Social media influencers are the new campaigners. Their recommendations are widely followed and they can actually help in crowdfunding as well. People do not mind investing money if it is going to a promising project. Therefore the marketing gurus have to create the right platform to attract more contributors.

Crowdfunding has helped many new talents to take the leap into being entrepreneurs. It is possible only due to the power of social media and the acceptance of new technology. People have moved to the internet and online shopping. They have understood the benefits of small contributions to crowdfunding ideas. So many research projects in the field of AI and the latest technical tools have succeeded only due to the faith of people in them and their contributions.  This has also been a savior for many NGOs.







Facebook announced that it is going to buy the instagram, which is mobile app used to share the photos. Now we will focus on the reasons for the buying of instagram by the facebook.

  1. It is a cloud. There is drop in the billion, heading to IPO and it is found to be unusual, but there is ton of cash in the hand of the facebook and it is known to everyone that Facebook as a big and public traded tech company. There is no need for the facebook to go to public to get the cash to do the main acquisition.
  2. No competitor. As there is no competitor for the facebook, no time is need to snap them first. They tried to purchase the instagram before it is purchased by any other bidder, for example Google was trying to make the deal.
  3. Facebooks mobile app sucks, but the instagram doesn’t. If the facebook works on the phone, this deal will become cheap within two years.
  4. Facebook has midlife crisis. Buying the instagram is similar to the sports car. It seems that the facebook is not going to be cool anymore. The users got wrinkles. About 30 million hipsters are bought by this.
  5. Most of the people are using facebook account and they want to look at other photos. Facebook likes to keep it up. You can add all types of the cool filters to the facebook photos and this mainly attracted the 30 million of people to the instagram. Sharing experience of the photo make the people attracted towards the facebook. Therefore it is found to be worthful in bringing together these two companies and this is said by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
  6. More Data. The instagram is having the better idea about the doing best for their users and what the users are like to do. If you are interested in the food, you can take the photos of food in the restaurant and if you are skiier, pictures of the snow and the skiing can be taken. Facebook database need this types of information to optimize the media. The new way can be provided by the instagram to reach your target.
  7. Wants to buy soul. Facebook is considered to be the money making behemoth and it is very huge, so that the investors are attracted towards it. But it makes little bit harder to take. The Instagram users are feeling outraged to sell it. Due to the excess deposition of calcium in the bone, the bone gets brittle in the nature and it leads to pain .This type of pain can be relieved by using the ointment called Ostelife.

Il Futuro Del seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects the website online visibility and this unpaid result is called as organic results. Websites will be seen in the search results by the number of visitors and it is from the search engine users. Then after sometime the visitors will be turned in to customers. Different types of search can be targeted by SEO such as video search, image search, new search, academic search and others. There is a difference in the SEO and the local search engine optimization, the later focuses on business optimization in the online and the web pages will be displayed to the users about local search of the service or the products. Whereas the SEO mainly focuses mainly on searches related to the national and international level.

There will be a consideration of how engine works, search engine behavior, what people are searching for, search terms or keywords in the search engine and the preference of search engine by the audience. The website can be optimized by adding the content, editing the content and HTML. The tactics of the SEO is to promote the number of back links in the site. After the arrival of the android mobile, the usage of the desktop for searching in the site is decreased. It has been reported that the Google is promoting the search in the mobile as a key feature in the future products. In related to this most of the brands had taken step to differentiate their internet marketing strategies.

The optimization of the websites for the search engine is done by the webmasters and the content providers. The address of a page called URL have to be submitted by the webmaster to different engines and it sends spider to that page, the link is extracted to the other pages from this. Then the information is returned to the page and indexed. The next program is called as the indexer which is involved in the extraction of the page, for example word from where they are located. This information will transfer to a scheduler fro crawling later.

The owners of the website identify the high value ranking and the availability in the search engines. They create the opportunities for the white and black hat practitioners of SEO. SEO is not found to be suitable for all the websites, the effective one is the internet marketing strategies. Atroser is an excellent pain reliever where the old people often suffering from the joint pain can be treated by using this ointment.

Peretti, “Marketing digitale”

Basta scorrere l’elenco di Marketing digitale – il libro di Paola Peretti fresco di stampa per Apogeo – per rendersi conto di avere per le mani un’opera che mira all’esaustività, o quantomeno a mappare un po’ tutti gli aspetti del settore.

Questo blog ti consente di sapere come avviare il marketing digitale e far crescere il tuo business. Il marketing digitale ti consente di vedere i risultati più velocemente di qualsiasi metodo di marketing offline. Il Digital Marketing offre anche una strategia di marketing interattiva che consente alle aziende di far crescere la propria clientela in tempi più brevi.

È possibile strategizzare con il marketing digitale. Si arriva a conoscere il numero esatto di persone che hanno visto il tuo sito Web in tempo reale. Puoi anche tracciare le statistiche e le informazioni sul tuo sito Web. A causa del marketing digitale è possibile:

  • Vedere il numero di persone che hanno visto la tua pagina aziendale
  • Si può vedere la posizione geografica di coloro che hanno visto il tuo sito Web
  • È possibile vedere l’età e il sesso del visitatore
  • Si arriva a conoscere il tempo che hanno speso sulla pagina Web
  • Si arriva a vedere la frequenza di rimbalzo del sito Web
  • Sai qual è la fonte di traffico sul tuo sito Web da diversi gadget
  • Si vede come il traffico sul tuo sito Web è cambiato con il tempo

Si tratta di informazioni chiave che aiutano a rompere il traffico sul tuo sito Web. Ti permette di capire cosa puoi fare meglio per commercializzare bene.

Sfida raccolta e riuscita: si passa dalla ridefinizione dell’approccio rispetto al marketing tradizionale alla preparazione di un piano (con segmentazione, creazione di personas ecc.); dall’architettura dell’informazione al ruolo sempre più centrale del blog; da alcuni cenni su SEO ed email marketing alla valutazione dei risultati di campagna. Una ricca serie di case studies completa e concretizza il tutto.

Apprezzabile soprattutto l’impostazione “scientifica” dell’autrice, che punta sempre a definire i concetti in gioco (distinguendo ad esempio social network e social media), e la ricca messe bibliografica. Questo però non toglie leggibilità a un manuale che per ora sembra essere il più completo sul mercato italiano, benché pecchi (com’è inevitabile, vista la vastità della materia) di assenze di approfondimento autentico per i vari temi.

Ma per chiunque voglia iniziare anche solo a farsi strada nel ramificato mondo del digital marketing, il libro di Peretti è un’introduzione che combina grande qualità espositiva e completezza – mix nient’affatto scontato da raggiungere.


Cosenza, “La società dei dati”

Il tema dei big data è particolarmente caldo: la quantità di informazioni prodotte è sempre più grande e in crescita verticale, e mai come oggi la tecnologia ci consente di analizzarli per prevedere (e ottimizzare) i comportamenti degli individui.

I Big data sono ciò che descrive un enorme volume di dati. Questo potrebbe essere sia strutturato o non strutturato. Questi dati vengono utilizzati nell’operatività quotidiana dell’azienda. Non sono i dati, ma lo scopo che i dati sono utilizzati dall’organizzazione che dovrebbe essere conosciuto. I Big data vengono analizzati per ottenere approfondimenti che consentono all’azienda di prendere decisioni migliori. Questo è il miglior sito per conoscere i Big Data.

In sostanza, stiamo affinando una sorta di sesto senso in grado di percepire una realtà, strutturata in maniera informazionale, che va oltre la normale analisi comportamentale e necessita di nuovi strumenti di gestione (in primis, di nuove piattaforme tecnologiche).

Questo è il punto di partenza del piccolo ma denso ebook La società dei dati, scritto da Vincenzo Cosenza e pubblicato un paio di giorni fa dalla casa editrice digitale 40k.

L’autore si concentra sull’impatto della cultura dei dati sul tessuto imprenditoriale così come sul settore pubblico (dalle smart city allo snellimento della burocrazia), fino all’utilizzo delle informazioni nella nostra vita privata (gestione più accurata della casa, della salute, in generale del proprio io: vedi tutta la letteratura sul quantified self).

La panoramica tracciata è piuttosto generale – in accordo con il carattere introduttivo del libro – ma non manca di spunti davvero interessanti e che meritano un serio approfondimento. Ad esempio, la questione dei rischi:

In definitiva accedere alla quinta dimensione non è mai stato così facile, né per le organizzazioni, né per i singoli. Per godere dei vantaggi, però, dovremmo trasformarci in analisti consapevoli e attivi. Sì, perché il dato personale è una moneta di scambio che necessita di un controllo vigile, per evitare che aziende senza grossi scrupoli, lo utilizzino per inferenze predittive di tipo prettamente commerciale o in generale poco nobili.

Un esempio su tutti: un tale, Kevin Johnson, si è visto ridurre il tetto della carta di credito sulla base di alcuni dati incrociati che ne prevedevano un futuro da insolvente (visto che molti clienti simili a lui erano nelle stesse condizioni).

Questa forma discriminatoria e questo “uso violento” dei dati – come se tali forme di previsione algoritmichefossero degne della massima fiducia – sono molto pericolosi. Vanno indagate e raccontate, al fine di mantenere il giusto equilibrio fra il tracciamento e il rispetto della privacy – senza contare, di nuovo, un nucleo base di etica comportamentale.

Le proposte dell’autore per evitare che la “conoscenza asimmetrica” dei dati acuisca il divario sociale (ottima sintesi del rischio) è di irregimentare le regole legate alla tutela dei dati personali (soprattutto in termini di chiarezza delle policy da parte delle aziende); mantenere la possibilità di controllare le informazioni raccolte da terzi; garantire un tempo massimo di conservazione di tali dati e la trasparenza delle analisi. Senza dimenticare l’attenzione alla sicurezza dei processi, dal punto di vista tecnologico.

Ma soprattutto, conclude Cosenza, si tratta di alimentare la consapevolezza individuale (e collettiva). Un tema che ci è molto caro, e sul quale è necessario insistere: educazione e alfabetizzazione digitale restano gli strumenti migliori per un uso più sano e cosciente dei dati – e del web.

Una nota a margine, di carattere editoriale: questo ebook costa 99 centesimi – come tutti quelli della serie unofficial di 40k. E’ un prezzo equo per un lavoro di qualità da parte di un bravo professionista. Invece di un lungo post, un breve saggio: e implicitamente, invece dei soliti modelli di business legati al display advertising, un bel suggerimento per tornare a pagare direttamente – e a poco prezzo – il lavoro intellettuale.


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