Email marketing: A few seconds to make a good impression

If we had to describe the currency of today’s web, it would be without a doubt, attention. So much so, the discipline of the attention economy has not only become essential for theorists in the industry, but also for advertising experts.

Until not so long ago, ads or any piece of info was not supposed to compete too much in order to grab the individual’s attention. Above all, it was still possible to carry out a qualitative analysis or study it in depth in order to decide the importance of the object.

Marketing is a major one for the growth of the business enterprise and the business owners must think in a different way and do advertising to impress the customers towards their businesses. Email marketing is the recent emerging trend and we all have been coming across various business emails poured in our mailbox daily. This is one of the ways to drag the clients towards the side of the company. However, do you think this way of digital marketing results in a positive way? You would find my review here about it.

Today things are a lot different. Several studies have shown that the extraordinary spread of the infosphere and the increasing number of messages that get exchanged and received – not only emails, but also social tools, sms, news, etc – is literally changing the human brain. The result is that we are less willing to find out about whatever we come across on the web in more detail, and prefer to “nibble” at bits of info here and there, often skimming over the data.

So the information overload we are subject to every day makes it particularly difficult to capture peoples’ attention – and this directly affects email communication. It’s pointless to hope that a user will read all five hundred words of a text-only newsletter, and worse still if it lacks any line interruptions or bolded text in order to make key points stand out.

Data collected by a famous Nielsen Group survey confirms this. Only 19% of newsletter recipients read it from the beginning to the end. The average time spent looking over it is about 51 seconds, and the way it is viewed – is of particular importance – follows a sort of “F” shape:

As one can see, it isn’t read in the traditional sense but rather skimmed over in a fragmented and often superficial manner. Interesting to note, a newsletter’s introductory text is almost always skipped over: an important point to keep in mind before spending hours coming up with the most eye-catching phrases only to put them in the wrong place…

But the average amount of time, defined by Nielsen’s study, could be reduced even further.

Just think how many times we ourselves have quickly glanced over a message’s general layout – or every time we binned a newsletter without even opening it. In light of all this, it is clear that commercial or editorial emails must be straight to the point, creative, simple and have instant appeal. From the first line, and even better from the subject.

There is no room for second place, in the world of email marketing – you’ve got to get straight to the point.


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