The triumph of mobile email

According to Return Path’s data, the overall number of email openings via mobile has surpassed the opens on desktop and webmail. It’s a big event, sure, but also widely expected – as the rates of use have been growing constantly during the last years.

The open rate on mobile devices is particularly high in the U.S. (38%) and Canada (37%), while in Europe the figures are a bit lower.

The major reason why everyone configures email in mobile is that it informs us, with a special tone that a message is delivered with the subject. So action can be taken immediately according to the importance of message. Not many work in Desktops systems as it occupies space  needs to login in every time.

Right from junior executive till the higher level needs to move around and will not be staying in office. Everything is answered in mobile be its approval, banking messages or business approvals. Earlier the time for completion of any given work was 2 days now the actions should be instant.

Earlier bank was not registered for email and SMS confirmation. Now customer has to register with banks both in Email and Mobile no. Only if the customer registers with the bank with his Contact no and emails ID then only he is only KYC governed customer.

Every day different type of frauds is reported.  Be with Banking, or other systems everyone is registered in his mail id or mobile no. Suppose a customer logins to his account immediately a mail will be sent to his registered mob no or email id, the customer to check if the right person is logged in to the system. If the reply is no then immediately customer’s card will be blocked. Otherwise if customer sends a mail or SMS stating he has logged in the system no action will be taken. Customer can use his card without any interruption. Once you login to Google, give great post to read.

Desktop reading remains preferred in case of banking emails (for security reasons); but the most significant element is the compresence of platforms: according to the laws of a multiscreen world, users don’t perceive mobile as supplanting webmail and client or vice versa, but they check their inboxes daily on all the available tools. (And that’s also a good reason why mobile templates need to disappear, and email templates in general must become device-agnostic).

The whole infographic is well worth reading:


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