Attachments? Never!

One of the fundamental rules of email marketing, unfortunately often disregarded, is not to include attachments to messages.

Whatever you have to say, say it in the body of the email. Nothing should exceed the vital space of your message, for synthesis and deliverability reasons.

Not all the Attachment is easy to open as the required format will not be available in the desk top. It is a wise way to add more content in the body of the mail instead of looping up in attachment like PDF or word or excel.

As a marketing strategy many think that leading to a link or an attachment take more time to read through. Instead if the product is well described in the email and explains the benefits more crisp will lead to business profits and Business diversion. Many products will speak for itself rather than giving an elaborate description in the attachments. So think effectively and give the product abstract. This is an imp source of information.

If you have any documents you’d like to share – a flyer in PDF or a white paper, a presentation etc – the best thing to do is insert a link to a landing page where they can be directly downloaded.

This provides five major advantages:

  1. It avoids deliverability problems.Some ISPs block messages that contain attachments, because they often hide viruses inside them, while others prevent the attachments from being displayed. In other words, including attached files in an email is likely to reduce the delivery rate, adversely affecting your strategy and reputation with various email clients.
  2. It increases site traffic.Directing users to a site instead of including an attachment will naturally help increase traffic, for both specific landing pages and possibly the other ones too.
  3. Links leading to landing pages are easily traceable.In terms of analytics, landing pages allow you to figure out exactly how many times the document was downloaded and when necessary the strategy can be corrected.
  4. Calls to action stand out a lot more.Streamlined texts that don’t require attachments to be downloaded, improve the effectiveness of the actual message being conveyed.
  5. Without having attachments, emails are much more viral.Clicking on “Forward” is a lot more spontaneous if there aren’t any files cluttering up the message.

A good rule of thumb is that emails should be linked to the reference site as much as possible.

Unless it’s a personal communication or when dealing with a small number of people – who you know will open and read the attachment – make sure the message creates a virtuous circle with other contents elsewhere.


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