Christmas Email Marketing

The arrival of the festive season – especially if they are so important and an integral part of our lives like Christmas – is always a great reason to send a newsletter or a DEM. There are a lot of discounts and promotions going on, but one of the most important features is that users’ desire to purchase increases.

So here are a few tips to make the most of your Christmas email marketing campaigns.

Many wait for such seasonal offers. As these are happening for many years, people are for sure aware they get great offers before any festive season. People are carried away by the percentage of offs and gift hampers they get during this time. So make it a point such emails are well designed to catch with the people mind, use attractive colors and mention the venue, start time and end time so that they ensure to reach the place before the offer ends. Click here now to know more.

  1. Emphasize the festive aspect.

The first thing to keep in mind is that emails should be linked to Christmas; they shouldn’t appear too “commercial”. Your brand must communicate positive values that remain in keeping with the festive occasion: joy, gratitude, happiness and good wishes. The call to action should therefore be quite discreet. That said, however…

  1. Make a relevant offer!

It’s very important not to give users the impression you are trying to force them to buy something. That said, any commercial email still remains as such: and although a “Merry Christmas” is always welcome, it’s essential to link it with an important offer. Something that is worth taking advantage of during this special occasion, preferably in keeping with the above values. An interesting example is promoting charitable initiatives related to: buy this discounted product and some money gets donated to a good cause.

  1. Do not leave it to the last moment.

As you’re reading these tips, it maybe already too late. So if you’ve been putting off posting your Christmas DEM, don’t wait any longer. This is mainly because you’ll end up having to compete with many other offers – not just from direct competitors – and thus get lost inside users’ Inboxes.

  1. Segment.

Segmenting the database, to create tailor-made messages, remains a key strategy for any emailing campaign. During the Christmas season you can give a new look to this classic idea, such as differentiating you’re offers based on age or product type etc. In this way you can create different greetings in turn increasing the interest of users.

  1. Choose carefully the right template.

There are many Christmas templates that you can find free on the Web. Unfortunately, some of them are a little trivial. The best ideal would be to use a template specifically designed for your company, something unique that is able to draw a smile. Images with an ironic text are always useful, especially amongst the plethora of best wishes taken for granted and special offers. Of course, be careful not to unintentionally look ridiculous…


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