How to get email addresses for your database

As you are well aware, the only truly useful – and legal – database of contact addresses is an authorized one. So, how to go about getting valid contacts?

This question is a bit like the email marketer’s Holy Grail – even if in reality there are other issues even more important such as loyalty and user segmentation. However, it is obvious that without a sound base of addresses it’s impossible to organize any strategy.

The fundamental concept is that in order to attract new contacts you need to appear interesting in their eyes. Any business needs a strong customer base to develop itself in a full swing. There are many ways to build the base like advertisement, T.V., Radio add, News paper ads.  The cost of these are  high while comparing with an  email marketing where you never do a conversation but the product input is given in a decent manner. How to get the email ids of valid customers is what we get to know now. Check here for more clarity . Make sure your website’s architecture and communications are always optimal, and that everything will come across is always clear. Remember – the e-mail marketing goal is to build a quality list of email accounts, and not a bulk list. Being transparent and relevant right from the start is the best business card.

As for the main sources for finding addresses, they are:

Websites. This is of course the base of operations and the core of any email marketing campaign. A user who checks out your website, is interested in what you’re offering – be that info or products – and subscribes to your newsletter. Make sure that the registration process or login is always clearly indicated on the homepage. It may seem trivial, but many portals have a bad habit of hiding them in rather remote places. And if there’s enough space, don’t just put “Subscribe to the newsletter” in the upper right hand corner: create a small ad hoc box that catches users’ attention.

Digital advertising. Banners, AdWords, SEM, seeding, affiliations: the multi-faceted world of digital marketing is obviously the best place to advertise your business online. You can also create a banner dedicated to explaining the advantages of joining your mailing list.

Transactional emails. Purchase confirmation messages, or automated customer request responses. In many ways, this is one of the best places to cast your net – perhaps with a small ad hoc incentive: “Subscribe now and get 10% off your next purchase”…

Social networking. Social networks will be the demise of the e-mail, has been splashed across every virtual and printed page. The reality is that the email culture continues to be alive and kicking, and isn’t necessarily in conflict with other forms of messaging. On the contrary, social platforms are very useful sources of direct contacts, mainly due to their informality. After the first friendly exchanges, don’t miss out on reminding visitors who check out your bulletin board or leave comments on your posts, the advantages of subscribing to your newsletter.

Traditional advertising. The web isn’t everything, and email marketing can always benefit from a well-structured offline campaign. Obviously, carrying out a newspaper or TV advertising strategy with the sole aim of obtaining new contacts isn’t a worthy investment – but always keep in mind the benefits of having your e-mail address or at least your web-address clearly visible.

Personal contacts. Whether you’ve got a small shop or a large chain, or even a space open to the public, inviting customers to subscribe to your mailing list is always a good practice. Above all, make sure that everyone in your business – even the new salesman – knows what to say when proposing this option.

Events and exhibitions. Whatever your activity is, good or bad, there will always be some related events to attend. This is one of the best times to collect quality contacts. Of course this doesn’t simply meaning shaking hands and collecting business cards. You must clearly explain your mail-out policy and get their explicit consent. A good old-fashioned technique is to keep a form by your stand. All it takes is two lines – name, surname and email address – and you’re done. But if you’ve got a tablet you can make it even more fun and interactive by directly showing whoever is checking out your stand a sample newsletter, the type of information and benefits they will receive by registering, and perhaps you’ll have a better chance of getting them to register on the spot. It’s much easier than you might think.

Viral marketing. In recent years, the concept of viral has become almost a word of mouth for all that is cool, powerful, beautiful and exciting etc. In fact, the returns of various viral campaigns are much lower than one might expect – except for enhancing brand awareness, of course. In terms of acquiring new email addresses, in particular, this form of marketing doesn’t have a significant impact. However, you can always use the viral power of the email itself: for example, include a “Forward to a friend” button in your newsletter. If your posts are really interesting, they won’t remain in a single inbox for long.


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