Benchmark Email review

Which solution to choose for your email marketing campaign? In this series of articles we will analyze some the best choices – programs and web services – to send newsletters and DEM.

PROS – Fair prices. Great simplicity and efficiency.

CONS – Hours of support availability to be improved.

You can do a free trial for 30 days of Benchmark Email, and then choose whether to switch to the professional version. (A thing that, as you will get in the end, we highly recommend).

Founded in 2004, the platform has grown gaining approximately 73,000 customers: let’s see it in action.

  1. List setup.

The service comes with a spartan and clear dashboard, from which you can grasp all the different options at a glance:

Creating a mailing list is utterly simple, and you can import contacts in several ways – manually or from a .xls, .csv and .txt file, and also by the databases of Salesforce, Hotmail and Gmail. Then you can add further information about all contacts taking advantage of the numerous fields: that would be a huge help for the future segmentation of your list.

In addition, element always appreciated, you can also create a good few clicks registration form to be implemented in your site – in the case do not already have one.

  1. Newsletter creation.

When it then comes to structure the message, Benchmark Email offers a clear step-by-step procedure that goes from basic information setting to the release of the final layout. It’s all very simple and fast.

By the way, when you insert the subject there’s a little advice that pops up (suggesting you to avoid all caps and don’t put double exclamation points, etc.) and there’s also a small guide on how to write better lines.

You can then choose from a range of 461 free templates (constantly updated), and of course there is also the possibility to import your own HTML layout. The editor (which is also very simple and without frills) you can change every aspect of the template and insert the content where and how you prefer.

For each newsletter Email Benchmark will automatically create a counterpart in plain text in order to convey your message in case of image blocking.

  1. Mailing.

At this point it is possible to schedule the sending of the newsletter for another time, or launch it immediately.

After the mailing, you get a brief recap of the campaign, in order to have a look at the first result (number of bounces, number of fake addresses etc).

From the user’s side, it’s possible to opt out with one click. (A thing that we always check, being fan of easy unsubscribe processes).

  1. Analytics.

Also with regard to the analysis of the data, Benchmark Email offers a very clear dashboard to keep an eye on all the metrics needed to study and improve your campaign. (Data are also exportable in .xls or .csv).

You can find as well some very useful statistics about social networks – how often and on which platforms the email has been shared. And all the openings are nicely geolocated:

  1. Support and extras.

The support is available via email, chat and phone: the availability is the same for all options, that is from 9 to 21 (Monday-Friday) and from 10 am to 3 am (Saturday). But Benchmark Email offers also 24/7 Chat and Email support, and full customer support in 9 different languages with native speaking replies to help in each country.

We have sent an email at 12h19 on a Wednesday morning and the response (guaranteed within 4 hours) arrived punctually at 14:07.

There is also a wide range of FAQ and some forums, and many useful resources to learn how to improve your email campaigns.

  1. Pricing.

Benchmark Email allows only monthly payments, with three options: based on the number of messages to be sent (from $9.95 to $375); based on the number of contacts in your list (from $11.95 to $450) and with an ad hoc option for high volumes (up to a maximum of $4,000 per month for 4 million emails).

Compared to other solutions of the same level – Constant Contact in particular – these are very affordable rates.

  1. Conclusion and final vote.

Overall, Benchmark Email is a truly excellent service that any marketer – from novice to expert – can appreciate. Simple to use, with attractive graphics and great support: definitely one of the best platform we’ve ever tried, maybe the best.

We give the output what the users expect. Though the product can speak of itself our product manual and presentation is such that the responses are more and can multiply the Business in a short span. Always the presentation speaks than the product and it is presented well that the queries are more so that you can keep a separate department for the queries received and answered timely. This official site will give you more information.


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