Why you shouldn’t buy email lists, ever

Email databases are every email marketer’s prized possession: unfortunately, it is often guarded with very little care.

One of the most common mistakes, even made by experienced professionals, is to buy address lists in order to mail-out offers and communications. Sure, purchasing a large number of addresses cheaply might seem attractive but in reality they lack any worthy value. It is not the quantity but rather the quality of the users that makes the difference. And if that sounds trivial to you, well, it isn’t.

First of all, bought email lists can raise many deliverability issues – as they’re generally filled with extremely generic or even nonexistent addresses. But there’s a much more important reason why you shouldn’t try them. That is: when you buy an email address list, you only purchase the email addresses. You don’t buy all the interests of the people behind that list, nor the information about them.

But the true purpose of email marketing is right to address people. Recognizing their tastes, interests, desires, diversity and reactions.

So the biggest mistake to make is treating your contact database like some simple spreadsheet, to be copied directly into your software or service. Always the ideal way to mail up the entire list is to create a name as vendors and hide the email id in the list. So though the list reaches stranger who play around but they cannot view the ids in the list. Look at this site to know more.  You’ll just end up mailing-out your newsletter without having put any thought into. The feeling such paid databases give is in reality the exact opposite: lifeless lists – as big as you want, but completely useless.

For this reason, advanced email marketing opposes indiscriminate mass mail-outs that use the old fashion method of “hitting as many people as possible with the same message.” A top-down approach to advertising that fails to take into account the conversational and nuanced characteristics that any communication on the internet is made up of – especially the social web.

On the contrary, a well-thought out email marketing strategy is based on user segmentation and the consequent profiling of messages, group by group. In more concrete terms: don’t know your lists, but know your customers – by studying their purchases, desires, preferences – so as to tempt them through more attractive and competitive ad hoc offers. And above all, adding that little bit of human touch and “warmth” that many marketers loose as a result of the more “distant and cold” digital medium.

All it takes is a little bit of good will.


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