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In the end it’s all a matter of style. And good editorial guidelines, of course.

Web-oriented writing: 9 tips


The art of responding to an email

It might sound absurd, but it’s true: many people haven’t got the faintest idea.

The right font for your newsletter

Usually a serif typeface will perfectly do – but you can be a little more daring if you want.

It is mandatory to do everything in a perfect manner to reach our targeted milestone very shortly without facing any hazardous obstacles. In business, even a mail we send to the receiver matters a lot and the wrong style might lead to major problems. Before sending an email to our clients or someone else, it is our duty to verify whether we use the right font, font size and the way we write an email decides our nature of the business. We might get a lot of negative reviews about our business on the website and we must deal it very prudently. Moreover, even the negative feedbacks help us sometimes to reach greater heights and thus we must make over our minds to overcome all these things to become a successful entrepreneur. Have a peek at these websites and you will be overloaded with more info.

Benchmarking and web analytics

How to identify and compare the relevant parameters in order to carry out a meaningful results analysis.

Christmas Email Marketing

Five tips on how to structure your Christmas newsletter campaigns.


User generated reviews and risk mitigation (2)

So what should you do if your product is bombarded by negative reviews on the Web?

User generated reviews and risk mitigation (1)

“Did you realize that even negative reviews can help sell products?” “Are you serious?” “Sure.”

Facebook Marketing for over-50s

Some advice about targeting the more mature part of your Facebook audience. Less “likes”, more content.

If the customer opts-out

Could users who opt-out from your newsletter still be interested in other forms of marketing?


See you in 2012

Web Target takes a break for a few days. We take the chance of wishing you a happy new year!

Advertising in a non-linear world

Rapid and unpredictable surfing, from one environment to another. How to attract users with the right advertising?

YaCy, the peer-to-peer search engine

The basic idea is great: a free search engine, with a user created index. But as far as making a reality there is still more work to be done.

A tip for your favorite blogger

Social micro-payments: an alternative path – at least for blogs – to the digital content economics.


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