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Marketing has always been about connecting with your customers and prospective clients and that too in the most valuable time. In these modern times, this means you need to connect with them on the internet. This makes digital marketing so important. Digital marketing can be defined as the various digital tactics and channels used to connect with customers online. Digital marketing includes digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures etc. Digital marketers tend to have a good idea on how each digital marketing campaign will actually support their goals. Various free and paid digital channels are at their disposal to achieve their targets. There can be different types of marketers. A content marketer can create or write blogs to create interest. Social media marketer can help in promoting these blogs posts through various digital channels. There are various methods of digital marketer use to make the marketing more effective. SEO which is search engine optimization ensures that your website ranks or appears higher in the search pages. Content marketing means the creation and promotion of content. This is done to generate awareness of the brand and growth of traffic on the channel. Blogs, online brochures, and eBooks are all part of this. Social media marketing promotes your brand and content on social media channels. They can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based advertising where you receive a commission for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website. For example: posting about a brand from your social media accounts. Pay-per-click is a way of bringing in more traffic to your website by paying every time the ad is clicked. Some promoted ads on Twitter use this method. Clicking here can get you a reward. Companies use email marketing as a direct way to communicate with their audience. It is mainly used to inform about new events, discounts or to promote content. New products or upgrade information can be sent by email to specific clients. Automated marketing means that companies use software which can automatically take care of certain things like email newsletter, contact list updating, social media posts etc. Online PR works much like traditional PR, but it secures coverage in digital publications and websites. Everyone has understood the importance of digital marketing and with more and more people now spending more and more time online, it is easy to see why. Different tactics used by companies to attract customers have been used for a long time. Being online means people spend less time on one site and keep surfing. Digital marketing has to keep innovating and continuously upgrade to make sure that they achieve their goals.

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