Fonti Informazione

Our lives are busy and hectic and it is tough to stay connected with things around us. The digital devices have made our lives much easier and help us in remaining connected with each other, that too from anywhere and at any time. They also help us in our daily lives in many diverse ways. We are not even aware of this invasion of privacy most of the times. Every time we use our devices our data is collected and it is not as safe as we assume it to be. Many of us do not know how this data is collected, stored and sorted and used. Some of us are not concerned but most people do not the extent to which this data can be a threat to our privacy. Many services which we think are very helpful could be using our information for developing or designing a new product which will benefit them. Some people think that it is already a lost cause. The battle of privacy has already been fought and lost. There are hardly any measures for controls in the way personal data is collected and used. It is felt that if you are not paying for a service then you are the product, which means your personal information is what they are after.

There is a thriving market for personal information and data. You can visit any page on the internet and you can see this happening. Millions of dollars are being spent on collecting this information by big brands and investors and even intelligence agencies. Alongside this, there is a black market with operators working underground and using personal data for identity theft and scams of different kinds. Facial recognition technology has also advanced so much that mass surveillance has become a reality. There is a demand to bring out stricter laws against the misuse of personal information but because of the very nature of digital space, it seems like a herculean task. The security is quite porous and if you try and block one hole, there are many new ones which become available for data transfer. We can ask the government to step in and help us, but it will be better for us if we start paying attention to our digital lives. We have to become aware of and more proactive when it comes to privacy. Privacy is our right and we should try and defend it everywhere, even in digital space.

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