Here is how you can covert the Leads to Customers for Your SEO business. Once you have the leads, it is now important that you give your best to convert them to customers. For that, you need to be well prepared for the client meeting. The idea of meeting a business owner and convincing him to purchase a service that you are offering could make you sweat. But marketing is important for your SEO Company and thus make sure that you know how to present your product to the client and convince him.

The first thing that you should be clear of when selling the services is that if the client has agreed to fix a meeting with you to discuss the product, then you are already half way close to making him your customer. People into business do not have time to schedule meetings that they think is of no use to their business. Thus if the client has agreed to discuss the services of your company, then they actually are interested in hearing you out. All that you are left with is to create a wow impression to get the deal done.

Preparation before the meeting

A lot of hard work goes before the client meeting to promote your SEO company. The first thing that you need is to have an action plan report.

You need to make the client understand about how you will review their website and make changes so that it is SEO. You also need to let them know about what kind of an offsite SEO link building will be done. It is important that you make the client understand the concept in simple terms so as not to confuse him.

The important thing that one has to be prepared with is the keywords and the search volume. This is a crucial part of your research, and this has to be done right so that your client sees the maximum earning potential through it. You need to offer to your client a list of keywords that have a good volume of searches monthly.

Make sure to list the number of monthly searches for each keyword. This lets the business owner know of the potential number of customers who would land on his page if his website gets a number 1 ranking.

Research well before the actual meeting

Take care to spend the time to analyze the list of keywords that could draw the maximum traffic for the business. In all probability, if the number is huge, then they will not waste time to close the deal with your company to optimize their website. The keyword research is something that can make or break a deal. More discussion on this is continued here.

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