The information quality is an important multi attribute concept and it defines the quality of the contents. It is pragmatically called as the fitness for the use of the given information which is of good quality or having the high quality. We will next see about the different attributes of the information quality:

  1. Timeliness is an important attributes. The information which is received in the speed represents the quality of the publication. That is when there is faster the information, and then it will be a better quality. In the website scripting, the current day and the date will be reflected automatically.
  2. Appropriateness should be well suited to the receiver and the information. If there is more suitability then there will be a better quality.
  3. Reliability is a key attributes to the quality of the information. It will be considered as a useful only, when it is reliable. One can understand the reliability if they are having the previous experience and the methodology they have to adopt and to process the information and the delivery channel.
  4. Accuracy gives the correctness of the information. There the information will be having better quality with the higher accuracy.
  5. Completeness is found to be a measure of comprehensiveness and it should be ensured to know that the information given is having the full picture which is real and it should not be the part of picture.
  6. Reproducibility is essential in documenting the methods in which the data set can be used to get the consistent result.
  7. Source of coverage refers to the topic at which is covered to the extent and there will be a consideration of the time period, geographical position and the jurisdiction to the related topics.

All of these attributes are meant for the information quality .The quality of the information will be good, if there is high score for each attributes.

Information overload is a major problem, where the person cannot handle the more information. It has been for the century ,but it is showing the impact highly during this period only than before. When the information is overloaded to the manager, it became the huge problem and it affects the quality of the decision making. Therefore it should be avoided to have the overload of   information. Moreover it also leads to both the psychological and the physical health problems to the person and lowers the quality of decision. In today’s world, the information overload is found to be a major issue which leads to the destruction of the information system. Mainly the system designer has to be very careful about the information overload and they should learn to strive.

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