The triumph of mobile email

According to Return Path’s data, the overall number of email openings via mobile has surpassed the opens on desktop and webmail. It’s a big event, sure, but also widely expected – as the rates of use have been growing... Read more →

The future of paywalls

In March 2011, the digital edition of the “New York Times” launched a paywall, forcing his users subscribe to read its content (the base rate is now $180). It’s been one of the most important cases – along with the English... Read more →

Native advertising

Online advertising is going through a period of profound (and painful) change. As now seems all too obvious, the classical banner does not work very well both in strictly practical terms (difficulty in viewing, collapse of the click-through,... Read more →

Interview with Sander Koppelaar (Silk)

The idea of a semantic web has been around for many, many years, and has recently been highlighted with the release of Knowledge Graph, Google’s new wave of search. The core concept is to increase the relations between pages through... Read more →

Encyclopaedia Britannica vs. Wikipedia?

Before the diffusion of the web with its ability to reach every point on the globe, in order to obtain information or to consider a topic in more detail, it was necessary to physically carry out research. We had to scroll through books, browse... Read more →


Every company’s starting point is always the same: to be able to talk to customers from a business perspective. Better still if customers or users talk about us to prospects. But what tools should be used to achieve these objectives? It is... Read more →
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