Here is how you can promote your SEO Company. You need clients to run the SEO Company. Marketing your business to prospective customers in the right way is important and you need to make use of some strategies to attract them and also be able to retain them for long. If you are trying to get ways to attract clients then here are a few ways to do so.


Emailing your clients is an effective way to attract new business. Make sure that you use proper company id and make your emails unique so that it does not go into the spam folder of the receiver.

Direct mail

This is a great way to market your Company. You need to pick up the target market and the area and then direct mail the sales copy to the business owner. You could also attach a screen shot of the first page of the search engine site that shows that their competitors are ranking ahead of them.

Cold calling

This method is quick and cheap and helps to generate clients for your business immediately. It is important that if you decide to do cold calling you do not give up easily.

Referral program

Referrals are another great way to get new clients without you having to do anything. The basic idea of a referral program is that to pay the business owner some commission to refer your product to new clients. Wait for some time and then list out the companies that have not got back to you. It is right time you approach and start calling them.

Other ways to promote your business:

Check these ways in which you can get clients for your business:

  • Business cards- Always walk out with your business card because you may never know when an opportunity may come all by itself.
  • Yellow pages- The old fashioned way is still used by many to find out about products and services.
  • Business directories –Make sure that your company is listed in the local as well as the national business directories
  • Network – Network in person and meet new clients to promote your SEO Company.

Make sure that you offer a free SEO report to every prospective client that you meet. The free SEO report is important because it helps to create the first impression of your SEO business. Go to this web-site to learn about more techniques.


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